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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 19:26

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Bitcoin was created in 2009 and is a digital currency that is greatly based on a self published paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has gained so much of popularity in recent years because it enables both the micropayments and the payments at a low cost. It also does not involve the issuers and the central authorities and the confirmation period is also low of only ten minutes. The users use Bitcoin with the help of a WALLET. This wallet can be easily stored on their system by the Bitcoin software available or can also be hosted on the third party website. All the available Bitcoin balance, collection of the Bitcoin addresses and the transaction history can be easily tracked with the wallet.

Bitcoin Games - Gamers Way to Make Money Online

A number of sites are present that uses Bitcoin. There are several gaming sites that use Bitcoin. You can play your favorite games online with this Bitcoin. These Bitcoin games can help you make large sums of money and become rich soon. This article will provide you important information’s about the Bitcoin games and different ways of making money out of it.
There are various Bitcoin games been played now days online everywhere. Some of the most excited Bitcoin games are listed below-

• Bitcoin Darts- This is a very simple game played with Bitcoins. The playing rule is quite easy. For each game, you will get a Bitcoin address in which you can send payment and you can send the winning amount to the address you want. You can make huge amount of cash with this game.

• Double Trouble- This is one of the very interesting Bitcoin Games with more probability of making large sums. Double Trouble will flip a coin for every bet, giving you 49% chance of winning and double your bet. With large bets, you get a chance to earn more Bitcoins.

• Bitcoin Casino- Now you can play Casino with the help of the Bitcoins. It is really simple and very exciting.

• Bitcoin Poker room- This Bitcoin games has become very popular among the children’s. You can join a Poker room, poke your friends, earn Bitcoins and make money out of it.

Bitcoin Games - Follow the Leader Players

These are some of the most exciting Bitcoin Games that can make you earn lots and lots of money within no time and fill your pockets with large sums of cash. You can play all these games online at your own comfort and make all your dreams come true by making money with it and multiplying the amount by applying your skills.

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